Gardening Business for Sale -  New Franchise Opportunities.

We learnt a long time ago that a pure "gardening" business is hard to sustain. Contracted customers paying regularly all year round is difficult to find and keeping staff motivated is really hard.

BUT, we discovered way back in 2008 that 92% of all "gardens" was actually lawn - from a professional point of view lawns need looking after all year round, its more than just lawn mowing. So we build a business around the lawn.

Bespoke Lawn Plans, designed with your customers lawn and budget in mind, customers who pay monthly all year round. Now that's a great business!

Lawn care is a professional industry managed by the likes of Bigga for the golf industry, grass technology development with STRI   and the institute of groundsmen       

This gardening business will make you the go to person for all things lawn.

When you start a new business it can be very challenging, knowing that you have a proven business management team on your side will make it a lot easier, starting a lawn care franchise business gives your new business super powers.

A lawn care business can be a simple, highly profitable and very successful type of business to set up. The lawn care industry is one that grows every year guaranteed. It can be a single van or multi van business.

92% of all gardens is actually the lawn, the average size of a lawn is 180m2 and there are over 20million lawns in the UK. If you think it's a gardening business you want to run well why not give All Gardening Lawn Service a look into. 

Our network is growing and were looking for people to take on new franchises.

With 5 lawn services to promote you have guaranteed incomes all year round.

Super. Lawn Care. Delivered by you. Get started today


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