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We've taken a tour around one of North West Leeds most interesting towns, Bramhope. The more observant will know all about the ventilation shaft for the Bramhope Tunnel and maybe even the Grade II listed milestones from the Leeds Otley turnpike road.

The turnpike road was established in 1755 with tollbooths at Otley and Woodhouse Lane (and later a third toll bar was added at Headingley Village. This turnpike improved Otley to Leeds transport (which previously had journeyed via Cookridge and Burley) and made Bramhope more accessible. Although, the biggest expansion of Bramhope did not occur until after WWII. Sadly, the builders of the rail tunnel did not see fit to provide a railway station at Bramhope, which might have made it into a much more diverse and industrious village. 


Bramhope itself is listed in the Domesday Book but the history of the village possibly goes back much further than that, as the Ilkley-Tadcaster Roman Road crossed Adel Beck near Golden Acre Park. This is evidenced by Roman coins that have been found locally on occasion. Even further back, cup-and-ring marked rocks have been discovered all around the area (the major concentration being on Rombaulds and likely Moors), which indicates that this area has been inhabited for possibly many thousands of years.

After the Domesday Book, Bramhope (from Old English brōm+hōp meaning broom valley) was mainly sheep grazing land divided into granges for the nearby Kirkstall Abbey. Bramhope must have reached a reasonable size as it is recorded that the Black Death reduced the population to 34 adults. Sadly, little remains of any ancient buildings, but recently the town well was uncovered during road upgrade works in 1991. The well possibly fell into disuse when the building of the Bramhope Tunnel drained the lake on the opposite side of the road.

The most interesting architecture in the village is the “north portal” railway tunnel entrance, which resembles a Gothic-style castle with a side tower and turrets. A replica of this tunnel entrance in Otley Parish Church serves as a memorial to the 24 workmen killed during the construction of this tunnel. 

Bramhope has changed much over the years from its rural and farming roots to become a commuter village of 3500 residents. Today, Bramhope is under pressure to expand once more into the surrounding Green Belt but Golden Acre Park and the adjacent Breary Marsh SSSI will probably mean that Bramhope would remain a distinct settlement for a long time to come.


North West Leeds is also known for its near-overwhelming number of landscaping and gardening companies including:

  1. PWP Landscape
  2. North Leeds Garden Design
  3. Earthworks Garden Design
  4. FirstLight Landscaping Ltd
  5. Paperbark Garden Design
  6. Frances Hainsworth Garden Design
  7. Earthworks Garden Design
  8. Full Circle Garden Design & Construction

Much of the presence is thanks to the sheer popularity of the town, but it is also thanks to the great amount of top-class universities found nearby, which offer a fresh batch of graduates every year. Some of these include The University of York, The University of Leeds, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Ripon. Whilst there may be less suppliers for specialist lawn maintenance in North West Leeds than other areas of Yorkshire, it is certainly an important location for Specialist lawn maintenance.


Jelly Tots were accidentally discovered in 1967 by Leeds scientist Brian Boffey, from Horsforth. He was trying to come up with a way to produce a powdered jelly that set instantly when it was added to cold water. Yum!
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