My name is Phil and I'm one of the lawn guys at all gardening lawn service. I'm also a proud owner of a dyslexic brain.

The shape of my dyslexia is like this, below is a list with some dotted highlight of my life:

  1. I remember being very tired at junior school classes
  2. Can really remember ever learning anything, did I go to school?
  3. I remember having some good mates that I lost as we grew up because they got the school thing and I didn't
  4. I do remember spending most of my senior school years in the book cupboard, on a small table with 3 absolute idiots, spent most of the time wondering what the hell I had done to be with them. I love them all but daff.
  5. The teacher at senior school was kind and "fluffy" but I don't ever remember learning anything
  6. When I did tests and was asked questions on composition - I had no idea how to answer the question, because a question with more that one sentence was un comprehensible by the time id finished reading the question. So I would always answer the question wrong.
  7. Mr Martin my maths tutor was awesome, but left. And so with him leaving did my chances of being in the right place. I don't remember maths after that.
  8. I had a good mate who was a computer programmer on BBC computers when we were just 12/13? I could have done that, but no teachers knew.
  9. I did loads of exams to just get a few passes
  10. I did do A levels but bloody hard, I learnt everything by learning repetition, answers became like pictures - good and bad on that.
  11. I did do Polytechnic, I did engineering
  12. I love bright people and the opportunity of learning my way
  13. I did do the wrong subject on reflection
  14. I thought I should run a business when I was young
  15. Working with others was nerve racking as it would expose me.
  16. Everything is done on email - Bloody hell thats a nightmare
  17. I have always enjoyed the company of super bright people, I only wish I could communicate correctly and process an output that I could share
  18. Getting things wrong and right is always a puzzle in my mind
  19. I never switch off.
  20. Relaxing holidays are hell
  21. Active holidays are fun  

There is more I can tell you, and I'm sure the more I write the more we will all learn.

If you fancy a chat you can find me on twitter @philargent or email at or give me a call 07834 769978