Lower risk, the support of an existing brand, and no need for a business idea. But as important, franchising is also a very quick way to launch

 You can get started in less than 4 weeks

You can get started in less than 4 weeks

Thousands of entrepreneurs choose franchising as their route from aspiring to actual business owner every year.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understand how long it should take to start up your All Gardening Lawn Service Franchise
  2. Everything can be done in just 5 steps
  3. A bit of early planning is also key to a successful franchise 

An All Gardening Lawn Service Franchise guarantees you a tried and tested business model, the support of a national network, and the brand recognition of a business that’s been around since 2004. Which is all awesome……

But there’s one benefit an All Gardening Lawn Service Franchise boasts that’s often overlooked – speed to launch.  

Whether you’re launching your business whilst in employment, wanting to maintain a healthy work/life balance, or simply itching to get started, the time it takes to launch a business from scratch can be a barrier.  With the ‘business in a box’ format, a All Gardening Lawn Service Franchise can see your pre-launch timeline shrink.

Just how long can it take to get an All Gardening Lawn service franchise started…. 

          1: Explore your franchise options: Time required? One to three weeks

Finding the franchise that’s right for you will undoubtedly be the most important step in your process, and probably the most time intensive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be strategic about it.

As a potential franchise owner, there’s one major time saver open to you that’s not available to other entrepreneurs – other franchise owners. When you zero in on the franchise option that appeals most, talk to other owners and get the inside track on the company.

Also take time to approach other lawn care businesses, we have a lot of focus on customer care and we really aim to up hold our Guarantee

Dependent on which franchise option you go for, this stage will have a big impact on your timeline – choosing franchises that require premises, specialist equipment and hiring staff will take longer to launch than a mobile business like All Gardening Lawn Service.

          2: Develop your franchise business plan: Time required? One to two weeks

The business plan is a crucial step in launching any business, franchise or otherwise. But by choosing a franchise, a substantial portion of the leg work involved may be covered for you. Much of the detail about the running of the business will come from us, and with potentially hundreds of near identical businesses across the country, market research should be a breeze. 

          3: Find funding to start a franchise: Time required? Less than a week

If you’ve done your research properly, a well-chosen franchise can be a much safer investment for lenders than a freeform business pitch. Not only that, but there are many funding options out there actively seeking to support franchises. 

          4: Complete your business skill-set and the obligatory start-up paperwork: Time required? Less than a week

Even if your franchise package has laid out the financials for you, pre-prepared the marketing materials, or offered an HR cheat sheet, your business will be stronger if you take ownership of these skills. Joining a business support programme can be done in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be well on your way to plugging any gaps in your knowledge.

There’s no getting around it. Paperwork features heavily for any start-up. But with a supportive franchise provider, the process can be streamlined. Support is also available from enterprise agencies, which can provide one-to-one business advice to help new starts fly through this stage.

          5: Prepare to launch a franchise: Time required? A few days to a week

Allow some time for the unforeseen. Even in a pre-prepared business, there’ll be eventualities you need to work around. Giving yourself a buffer will mean launch day goes as smoothly as possible.

The equipment we use:

Van - Ford transit van | Mower - Hayter pro | Aerator - Easy core 205 | Scarifier - Eliet Scarifier | Lawn feeder - scotts acupro 2000 |

We like to thank the guys at Artsigns in London  and De-sign harrogate. Both very good for van livery.