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All Gardening Lawn Service relies on Hayter Mowers to “produce the stripes”

With thousands of visits planned each year, Lawn Plan needs a mower that can deliver every time. 

Yorkshire, 28th November 2016: 

 A Lawn Plan lawn being cut with a Hayter 48 Pro

A Lawn Plan lawn being cut with a Hayter 48 Pro

All Gardening Lawn Service the lawn care franchise network that delivers the newest home service “Lawn Plan” is passionate about Hayter Mowers, the lawn mowers it uses for all its lawn care franchises. Hayter Mowers are still designing and manufacturing in Hertfordshire, UK.

“it’s really important that our mowers work 12 months of the year, in all conditions. It’s critical that they run and start time after time, day after day, producing the same great results. Hayter delivers that for us” says Phil Argent, Founder and Director of Franchise Development. 

Professionalism and reliability

All Gardening Lawn Service anticipates that in 2017 growth in the home services market could see Lawn Plan growing to over 30 local Lawn Care Franchises nationwide, and with 30 franchises that could mean quite a few thousand lawn being serviced. “we know that professionalism and reliability go hand in hand, as does being able to guarantee a work schedule and a great lawn care service” says Argent.

Where Hayter really delivers is how it produces the stripes on a lawn, the sure sign of a lawn being looked after. It may seem a little bit obsessive that we what to know what the length of cut is to the nearest milli meter (mm) but it matters. “A lawn that is cut to the right length every time will gradually start to show its class, it’s not about creating bowling greens (which is something people often say they don't want, but we know a good lawn can look like one) its about having an exact knowledge that a lawn mower will simply cut the lawn cleanly and the weight of the roller will leave a obvious stripe” says Argent

Thousands of cuts delivered

Over the 12 years in business All Gardening Lawn Service has seen the Hayter Pro lawn mower develop from a product that did a job well for a few months to now working with a machine that works well season after season. “We recommend to our franchisees that a mower is cleaned down daily, blades sharpened every 8 weeks and given a service once a season. Do that and the mower will just keep on cutting” says Argent.

All Gardening Lawn Service franchise Lawn Plan currently uses the Hayter Harrier 48 pro.

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About All Gardening Lawn Service and Lawn Plan

All Gardening Lawn Service is a lawn care franchise and has been operating since 2004. Well over 30,000 visits have been carried out andrecorded and analysed. The company offers a full range of lawn care services that can be paid for on a annual or monthly basis via direct debt. The Plans start from as little as £8 a month.

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