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 One off price for autumn/ winter 2016

One off price for autumn/ winter 2016


Autumn & winter aeration offer

Lawn Aeration is the number one task we would recommend for any lawn, any time of year.


We are offering a one off price for all lawns under 250m2 of just £45!!! 

Why have your lawn aerated?

Imagine trying to make a cup of tea without the tea bag? Having all of those perforations "to let the flavour flood out"

Well its the same with a lawn, if you don't annually aerate the lawn the top surface gradually closes up (this is called panning, a bit like the thin skin of a clay pot) and any nutrients, rain fall or lawn treatments can't make it down to the roots. 

Why use All gardening lawn service to do your aeration?

Wether you use a existing lawn treatment company or your own gardener to treat your lawn why not use us to give it an annual aeration.

We will guarantee the job is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will make sure the cores get cleared and we will also give you free advice on lawn maintenance, lawn cutting and also making more of your treatment service

We can also guarantee that our price is the best value for money.

What you get?

We use a hollow tine aerator (take cores out of the lawn and leave thousands of holes)

We will also clear the cores and put them in your compost area, or we can price up for taking them away for recycling.

What should you expect to see?

If you have your lawn aerated correctly you shouldn't see much on the surface, all the cores and grass plugs should be cleared. However what you should see over time is the lawn looking much more consistent in colour. You should also see more consistent growth and if you are lucky the drainage of the lawn can improve {but we can't guarantee that, but its a common bi product of regular aeration}.

T's and C's

This offer is open to all new customers. It can only be taken up once a year and cannot be used with any other offers or vouchers.